Hacking Composition: Rethinking Codeswitching in Writing Discourse


A review of three recent books on language-mixing and literacy, published in Composition Studies 42.1.


Colonialism, politics of language and partition of Bengal

Colonialism, politics of language and partition of Bengal (New Age Special Issue)


Nurul Kabir, editor of New Age and popular public intellectual in Bangladesh, with an extended polemical take on the history of the partition of Bengal and the politics of language policy in the split.

$265 million deal signed with WB

$265 million deal signed with WB

New stage of the mass education project meant to ensure Bangladesh meets the MDGs initiated. On first glance Bangladesh is poised to meet the goal of gender and representational parity in educational enrollments. But in actuality this drive has not really aimed for functional literacy skills (few can actually read at all) and even then dropout-numbers are really high.